Overseas Training Program (OTP)

The OTP programme is an integral part of the initial formation programme of the Divine Word Missionaries Australian Province.

The ordinary length of the programme varies from eighteen months to three years. Two years, however, would be average.

The first stage of the programme in the host country involves language and cultural studies. Such studies should normally take no more than half of the total time spent in the country. The language learned is the one used in pastoral ministry in that country or area where the student will undertake his supervised pastoral ministry.

The second stage consists of an in-depth, supervised pastoral experience. As such, it is something lived and not only learned. OTP is not an exposure programme. The activity should be a genuine religious ministry and so serve as an introduction to the specific pastoral role of ordained priests or brothers in final vows. To become an effective learning situation the ministry must be supervised. This involves a personal learning relationship with an experienced missionary. The activity must be such that it involves the student with the people of the area.

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