About Dorish Maru College

Dorish Maru College is the Divine Word Residence for seminarians who are pursuing their theological training in preparation for ordination and for SVD priests who come to do post-graduate work in Melbourne. The principle tasks of the College are to prepare Divine Word seminarians for the service of the local Church and the Church overseas and provide a supportive community for those doing post-graduate studies.
The College is under the patronage of St. Joseph Freinademetz, one of the first SVD to serve in China.

Dorish Maru College is located on the campus of Yarra Theological Union. In 2013 we have five seminarians preparing for ordination and three seminarians preparing to do their Overseas Training Program in Australia. We also have two SVD priests doing ;ost-graduate studies

Besides studying the required courses for ordination and for the awards of Bachelor of Theology and Master of Theological Studies, every student is involved in pastoral ministry in the city, mainly with the poor, homeless and marginalized people. They also carry out active music ministry in three parishes on the weekends. The students are also responsible for preparing the liturgy, including daily Mass and morning and evening prayer, in the College.

The seminarians do their education and training in the MCD University of Divinity and attend most of their courses at Yarra Theological Union (YTU), one of the Recognized Teaching Institutions of the MCD University. YTU is known in the University for its community spirit and its hospitality. Thanks to the SVD, Yarra Theological Union has always had a reputation for offering a strong program in Mission Studies; they have provided full-time lecturers in this field for the staff as well as visiting lecturers with mission experience. Currently Jacob Kavunkal is the coordinator of this program for YTU.

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