The Australian Province of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) is part of the SVD International Community and seeks to carry out in its life the vision and commitment of the Society.

In our formation programme we seek to promote this vision and their values at each stage of the formation program so that candidates can internalize and personalize them. The missionary mandate that is our charism determines the form of our religious life and the spirit of the evangelical counsels which are the foundation for religious life permeates our missionary work.

For a vocation to develop fully, formation must be balanced and holistic. It must be rooted in one’s own culture, be community oriented, and be directed towards apostolic service with an openness to the needs of the world today.

Our formation program is multicultural by design and aims to prepare our candidates for working internationally/multiculturally.

Attention is also given to the basic spirituality that our Founder, St. Arnold Janssen, had lived and passed on to his congregations.


Fr. Boni Buahendri - Aspects of formation