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Student winter holiday at St. Leonards

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After a hard semester’s work, the students in Dorish Maru College had one week break in St. Leonards, our holiday house. The programme started on Saturday, 21st of June in the afternoon with an evaluation of some of the brothers who were preparing to renew their vows. Saturday’s programme concluded with BBQ at the beach.

On Sunday, 22nd of June the day began with Mass. It was the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Jesus. Fr. Linh Nguyen SVD, the formator who was the Celebrant at the Mass encouraged the Seminarians to make the Eucharist the centre of their lives. He stressed that the students should love the Eucharist and it is only in this that they can consciously and actively celebrate the Mass in their future ministry. After the Mass, the students continued the evaluation process which ended at lunch time. Together with Fr. Linh, the students went to a restaurant in Portarlington for lunch. Since some of the students are still having their English studies in Deakin, the formator had to take them back to Dorish Maru College so that they could prepare for the week’s academic activities.

On Monday, 23rd June, the remaining students made a trip to the Twelve Apostles at Port Campbell National Park. It was a great experience to behold such beauty and wonder. It was a long trip which made many of the Seminarians tired at the end of the day but it was a beautiful experience. Due to this tiredness, the students decided to spend time at home together on the Tuesday, 24th of June. On Wednesday, with almost everybody rejuvenated the students were on the road again. On the road to where? It was no other place than the awe-inspiring Hanging Rock. It was a bright day and with their fresh energies, the students climbed the rocks enthusiastically. As they reached the summit of the rocks, they were like that city built on a hilltop which cannot be hidden. In fact, some other tourists seemed to marvel how young men of different colours and accents could easily flow together; but such is the power of SVD “One Heart Many Faces.” This terrific day ended with a hot Vietnamese lunch.

On Wednesday night, the students sat to evaluate the various offices and committees that have been entrusted to each of them. This exercise was meant to encourage one another and also to challenge one another to do more in the coming semester. The holidays in St. Leonards came to a close on Thursday morning with thorough clean-up exercise of the St. Leonards house.

Generally, this programme was to increase and strengthen the already existing student bond and the students were indeed able to achieve that at the end of the day. This programme also gave the students the chance to rest after an activity-filled semester.

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